Sunday, June 11, 2017

Hamilton equals Senna in his dreams

MONTREAL - Canada GP. The arse licker Shamilton : "to match him" (Senna). Sure, dream on.
What a shame of a media show.
Pathetic. They want to respect Senna but in the end these things result disrespectful.
It's absurd also to celebrate the pole positions of one driving only fast cars and taking 9 years for a pole @ the most difficult circuit, Monaco.
You will never have a nail of Senna.
People blinded by the media saying Shamilton is 2nd to Senna only. Hilarious.
Only teenagers who didn't even see Senna can use their names in the same sentence.
If God existed, Shamilton would crash "like Senna". But God doesn't exist.

How FAKE (that is : a standard Hamilton) was Shamilton the sham and shame receiving the helmet, fake surprise and saying that it wasn't a replica helmet, it was.

Verstappen at the start in a much inferior car showing who is the ace in Formula 1.

I remember the last driver using a flag after a win got in trouble.
Why using a flag now? Brexit? he wants to look like Senna with his Brazilian flag...
Of course media darling Shamilton never has penalties.
His fans support him "because he's black"... the anti-racist ones... I think he's not black but brown like shit.
Saying black about him is offending black people, he's got nothing of their culture, nor sport abilities

more highlights soon
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