Sunday, November 27, 2016

Rosberg world champion!

ABU DHABI - You've seen what a SON OF A BITCH Lewis Shamilton is.
sport should be about winning. And not making the other lose.
But Formula1 is not a sport...
Hamilton confirmed he's not a winner when he said that thing about not winning the race because he didn't win the title.
Ok. I agree with the Hamilton fanboys. Someone made Rosberg win the championship.
What what?? what are you saying??
Yes, because in all these years of Mercedes dominance, Hamilton is winning and will win again several titles, and they wanted to make him look like a great driver, with a great rival winning too (while Rosberg is average).

not money bitch H-iguai-n, decicated to money bitch H-amilto-n 

more highlights soon 

Le cagate di Ivan Capelli (cioè quando parla "normalmente"). Rallentare come Hamilton facendo avvicinare le altre macchine, dicesi FARE DA TAPPO (perchè a Rosberg non conveniva avvicinarsi troppo, infatti aveva smesso di avvicinarsi), sarebbe una STRATEGIA DI LIVELLO. Antropologicamente superiore.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Abu Dhabi, Hamilton 10 years old

Mercedes make him win races with a great car and this is the way he thanks them. Promising a book talking shit.
So we'll use it as toilet paper.
Typical attittude of a twat, "saying but not saying".
As usual : a half man with no balls.
Toto Wolff : I will also write a book about it in 10 years.
The truth is : childish Shamilton was talking about his age : 10 years old.
Why hiding it if it's so important. Why don't you tell us all now?
because you would be sacked.
then you couldn't win other races...
It's clear... luckily these things happened, so he showed what he is.
If Shamilton said something like that and he was in Italian football, now an investigation would be requested. As it should be. But in F1 it's Ecclestone's maF.I.A. ruling.
Italy fights mafia .. f1 IS mafia.
On the pages about Formula1, it's become normal to attack Shamilton
and speaking the truth about him.
On the pages about general news, attacking Shamilton is a scandal, oh what are you doing, he's a poor black.
Says a lot about the people who know almost nothing about F1, they are on his side.
He says things on purpose to play the poor victim and make talk. The usual illuminati strategy with the media.
He's not a sportsman. He's an illuminati media clown.

more highlights soon

"Ma cosa vuole Hamilton? La Mercedes gli fa vincere tanti Gran Premi. Lui fa sempre pensare che ci sia un complotto. E' stato lui a buttare via delle gare"
(il grande Pino Allievi)

La banda Mazzoni della Rai dice che non fanno in tempo a rispondere a tutte le domande.
Leggasi : non rispondono a quelle a cui non sanno rispondere.
Si vantano perchè ci sono tante domande.
Se ci sono tante domande, significa che la cronaca non è chiara.
Infatti spesso chiedono cose che avrebbero dovuto spiegare in cronaca.
Se la ridono e si fanno beffe dell'ignoranza dei telespettatori (scelgono quelli che possono deridere), ma le boiate che sparano solitamente sono da manuale dell'ignoranza.

Ipse dixit. "Non abbiamo mai visto questi errori di Hamilton"
talmente mai che li fa in ogni sessione tutto l'anno.
(Mazzoni obbedisce al ribaltamento illuminato della realtà).
Infatti prima li fotografavamo per prenderlo per il culo, ma ormai è diventata consuetudine.
Poi perchè Mazzoni pronuncia Zak Brown come Brawn? /broon/
non conosce Charlie Brown? Si vede che ha visto la O quindi la pronuncia O.
qui bisogna tornare alle basi, gli mancano. Vuol fare il figo con le pronunce ma si perde in un bicchier d'acqua.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Brazil GP, Hamilton arse licker

INTERLAGOS - The start behind the safety car again. Yeah let's help Shamilton, he's not able. New Senna under the rain. FP3, rain... average Rosberg 1st.
Hamilton started bad 6 times this year. Karma will punish him soon or later for all this help. Before the start he was already among the authorities. So he can lick well and have no penalty as per usual, again and again. Recommended prick. It's time to stop with this shit, it's no sport.
"I want to thank all the fans"
" thank you".
Silence. New Senna. Arse licker with the helmet too.
The Shamilton fanboys like to make F1 with IF.
OK. Can you imagine if Verstappen had a Mercedes?
Hamilton wouldn't even see him.
Now they even want the double points in the last Abu Dhabi race they hated. Pathetic. Shite fans. Hypocrites.
They are amazing. Unbelievable. Not credible Hamilton had the race continuously stopped with the safety car, so many laps so he could stay safe, he got more than the 75% with a 4 hour race, Red Bull made a mistake or he could have Verstappen in the ass, always gets a safety car at the start when it rains, never gets a penalty etc etc, and ROSBERG is lucky. Fantastic. The fantasy.
(said by cheeky shitface Shamilton, so the fans follow everything he says)
Their blindness is an illness.
Shamilton was the only one with no water spray problem in front, and the illuminati media (you know, the ones who said Trump was surely losing before voting) are reporting that he drove like the greatest wet driver of all time. Ayrton Senna. In the rain.
They want to influence the people's opinion. They're blinding them.
These people are fankids who probably don't even have a driving license.

idiotic Lewis Hamilton's WISE fans, wishing a crash for Rosberg. 
If all the drivers had the same car, this would be the current grid, more or less : 1) Alonso 2) Verstappen 3) Ricciardo 4) Vettel 5) Button (scoring more points than Hamilton when they had the same car) 6) Hulkenberg 7) Perez 8) Wehrlein 9) Bottas 10) Sainz 11) Grosjean 12) Massa (driving an inferior car he always made Hamilton struggle) 13) Hamilton 14) Rosberg. 
- Raikkonen : at the BAR ghghghghgh 

if you needed more proof the Shamilton fans are on drugs.
Full of idiotic illuminati fake religious shit.

more highlights soon

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Trump USA new president!

NEW YORK CITY - Looking at all the media in Formula 1 slaves of the illuminati, unhappy because of Trump is something money can't buy... For everything else, there is Trump's Mastercard.
CHANGE in F1 needed.

This is history! yessssssssssssssss Donald Trump new president of the United States. We were right, contrary to everybody else. Same day of the fall of the Berlin wall.
... war would've been more probable with demoCRAP "Hillarious" Clinton, giving weapons to Ukraine against Russia.
Trump was right also about the media polls, they were fake to influence the election.
He even won in "hispanic" Florida.

Rocky Balboa the Italian stallone. Adriaaaaannnnnaaaaa

one for the real violent one, Robert De Niro prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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