Friday, November 29, 2013

Ayrton Senna tribute @ Imola 2014

IMOLA - Tributo a Senna. The memorial will be @ Imola circuit (autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari), 30 April 2014 for Ratzenberger, and 1 May. It will be a 4 days event, with also Mansell, Prost, Berger, etc. 
You can join the Facebook event clicking here 
more info soon

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Formula 1 2013 best and worst

MILAN - highs and lows from the 2013 season... definitely a year to forget.
The most emblematic, symbolic photo is the Red Bull without a driver (Vettel retiring at the British GP), a car that could win without a driver...


1) Mark Webber, a pleasant surprise to discover, now that he's retiring from this sport because of Red Bull "not helping" him (... euphemism), that he's an intelligent and honest man. Red Bull clearly gave him a different car from Vettel's, and Mark often had to retire because of technical problems.
...also, hilarious team radio messages, adding excuses (as if they let him battle with Vettel... not...), to keep him behind... 

2) boos against arrogant Vettel when he was on the podium of several GPs (not only Monza as many say). He always missed the point, saying it's because he's not driving a Ferrari... he even touched racism, saying Italians boo all the drivers if they don't drive a Ferrari... absolutely not.
He often tried hard to sound funny, a positive character, but the result was being ridiculous.
He also accused other drivers of "hanging their balls in the pool on Fridays"... it's easy to talk like that, driving a Red Bull...

3) Formula 1 girls, hostesses, gridgirls and pitbabes :)
And the McLaren (50th anniversary) night @ Just Cavalli, better than Monza this year...

4) comeback of the year: Jenson Button's recovery in Brazil (from 14th on the grid to 4th at the chequered flag) to land McLaren's best result of the season. Typical Jenson :) (the best comeback ever: Canada 2011, Button from last position, beating Vettel driving a Red Bull...)

5) overtaking move of the year: Fernando Alonso overtaking Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen around the outside on the opening lap of the Spanish GP to set up victory.
For the majority of the year, Alonso showed to be the best driver without a doubt.


1) Maria de Villota's death at the age of 33 one year after her testing accident with Marussia, and the passing of Canadian GP track marshal Mark Robinson

2) Red Bull's dominance, making this year (the second part) the most boring in Formula 1 history. We were literally sleeping during some races. Some GPs were even without real highlights

3) McLaren's refusal to give up on the flawed MP4-28, a stubbornness which condemned the team to their worst season in living memory. Should have gone back to the 2012 car

4) Vettel, his arrogance and his behaviour, especially at the Malaysian Grand Prix against his team mate Webber. 
In some GP he also looks at some other car from close (Ibrahimovic would say: "cazzo guardi?" - wtf are you looking at), as to copy, or if there was something irregular... while irregularities (used to be) in his own team...

5) tyres, for one reason or another Pirelli have been in the headlines all year. They're definitely the tyres of Inter (the football team) ehehe
When they changed the tyres during the season (that's not really fair...), then Vettel won all the races...

6) the appointment of Heikki Kovalainen (instead of 3rd driver Davide Valsecchi) as Kimi Raikkonen's replacement for 2 races, with the Finn subsequently conceding he under-estimated the scale of the challenge before him. Kovalainen failed to score a point.
...also, Lotus didn't pay Raikkonen for the season yet.

7) the stupidity of the new F1 fake fans, supporting the strongest team (a drink can, without a history, without a soul) "because they win", and commenting the results without a proper knowledge. Can't wait to see them supporting Marussia in a few years.

8) the food in Monaco... terrible. I don't know if it's because we're Italians, but that expensive shit is crazy.
That food was probably the famous pigeon on Monaco track...

9) losing wheels... seen it too often this year (especially from Williams... and Webber...), which makes F1 sound a bit naive... it's necessary to go back to basics...

10) the Formula 1 2014 calendar, the length and detail of which is still unknown at the belated time of writing.
Also, the 2014 driver market. The final composition of next year's grid still remains anyone's guess.
Well at least it keeps us interested in F1, 'cause the races weren't interesting at all

blonde Vettel: girl in uniform, lol

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Brazil GP: people's reaction for Vettel

INTERLAGOS - The interviewer on the podium (even) asked the crowd to applaude Vettel... the reaction of the people was like this:

the interviewer even had to insist...
This was the "highlights" video (are there any highlights in these GPs?) 

Massa mocking Vettel: "unbelievable! unbelievable!" (Vettel said so after the pole position... really? ...unbelievable what? ...what a joke).
That penalty would have NEVER been given to Vettel.
If there's a justice in the world (there isn't), for all the Red Bull and Vettel past irregularities, a thunderbolt should hit Vettel... The box problem @ Red Bull was a sign...
2013, the worst and most boring Formula 1 season in history comes to an end (thank God), coincidentally it was a horrible year for McLaren too...
Car differences like we had this season are a disaster for this "sport", that now is not a sport. Sadly all the statistics that previous REAL champion level drivers have made, has been destroyed thanks to Red Bull.
4 times world champion Vettel didn't do even 10% of what real champions had to do in the past, very very sad. F1 lost interest

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Eicma 2013

MILAN - video with photos of the Eicma 2013 girls and the helmet of McLaren legendary James Hunt (also in the film Rush). There was also the new motorbike Caterham. 

ragazze Eicma

Milano Auto Show

MILAN - official: new exposition called Milano Auto Show (Salone internazionale dell'automobile), from 11 to 21 December 2014, @ Fiera Rho the place of Expo 2015 and Eicma (the biggest motorbikes exhibition in the world), probably instead of the Motor Show in Bologna, cancelled this year, for the first time. 

aggiornamento: pare che il "Milano Auto Show" non si farà.
Vietato creare eventi, altrimenti arrivano i sicari di Pisapia.
I nostri soldi sono riservati per le villette degli zingari, i centri sociali abusivi, ecc. Sembra che Pisapirla non voglia fare un dispetto al compagno dell'ufficio sinistri di Bologna nè al compagno di Roma nè al compagno di Torino.
Oltre alla Fiat, altre case non parteciperanno (tanto a questo tipo di eventi per la F1 ci sono le solite Ferrari e Red Bull), come al Motor Show, cancellato per la prima volta. Tutti i siti starebbero quindi parlando di fumo.
Se poi andiamo avanti di questo passo in Italia...
Adeguiamoci al potere comunista nel 2014, e boicottiamo il Milano Auto Show

Friday, November 01, 2013

Formula 1 music compilation

songs compilation, Australian AC/DC, legendary driver Nuvolari, Russians, Brazilian Garota de Ipanema, etc. only a few GPs missing.

and of course Alistair Griffin, Just drive from Sky F1
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