Friday, April 27, 2012

Jessica Michibata hairstyle

MILAN - Japanese supermodel Jessica Michibata, girlfriend of McLaren driver-Oasis fan Jenson Button (3 ring circus) shows off her new Oasis fringe hairstyle (this time not a wig), still fashionable. 
Oh and about Japan: Liam Gallagher's Beady Eye and Pretty Green did a lot for them, Noel nothing (and in 2010 even said he doesn't like to play for a charity but played it just for money...classic Noel). 
News: next week (then we're going to test Oasis Jaguars @ Monza), Pretty Green fan Lewis Hamilton will be @ Mugello circuit in beautiful Tuscany (near Firenze, Florence - and the Machine, lol), where the mods leader Sting (Quadrophenia Ace Face on Italian scooter) makes wine and food, as my father. It's the only one test session during the F1 year... it's not as time ago when McLaren was allowed to go to my Minorca island)

Last night there was a tv programme here speaking about my recent post on Oasisblues on "Paul McCartney dead". By a mechanic repairing cars near Milan (Corsico) there's Paul car (it's that car, certified), an Aston Martin, they had even found traces of blood on the car's hood, sign of an accident (in London), but not a mortal one.

Monday, April 23, 2012

English Jaguar test in Monza

MONZA - Photo: an oasis ;) in Bahrain, Jenson drives past a brilliant blue body of water (blue weekend...).
Last weekend was the shittiest one ever... McLaren losing by themselves as in a traffic jam... in hindsight, it would have been better to erase that crazy race. Before the Spain GP there's the Mugello test session in Italy (1-3 of May), the only one during the F1 year.
But today was S aint George's day (Milan day :) ...and on 25: Saint Mark day ;), that is: Manchester City first name) and had a good news: soon we're going to test cars on the legendary Monza circuit again (as we did in the 90's... it's Oasis back :). This time: the English Jaguar! (it's years I wanted to do this). It's where the Red Bull comes from (they still have headquarters in Milton Keynes, so the Red Bull is not really an Austrian car). Also, Jaguar is one of Man City's sponsors and also the car for Oasis fans, that is, Button and Hamilton (you remember, Step Out, Going Nowhere, the commercials with the Shock of the Lightning), let me know if you wanna come. Noel Gallagher can't do this, 'cause he's got no driving license, he's not 18 years old yet. Reminds me of my first girlfriend, the blonde on a Jaguar, "...she looked just like a star in a Jaguar, she needs to lighten her load... She was dressed up in leopard skin" (Liam, lol)
I'm gonna get me a motor car, maybe a Jaguar, maybe a plane or a day of fame...
I'm gonna be a millionaire so can you take me there, wanna be wild...

Rome = usual scum of Italy, you'll always have troubles dealing with those lazy people. We took free days from work and they escape as scaredy cats... They should work as peasants.

pezzi di merda romani non seri che non lavorano, abbiamo preso i giorni liberi dal lavoro, fatto pubblicità in giro, portando pure uno che VOLEVA comprare una Jaguar, e 3 giorni prima quelli si eclissano. Qui siamo a Milano... gli faremo un'ottima pubblicità... Abbiamo l'indirizzo, gli mandiamo l'avvocato per pagarci le giornate. Niente di nuovo: coi romani è sempre finita in tribunale. Braccia rubate all'agricoltura, andate a zappare la terra, feccia d'Italia. A lavorare!

Cos'è che volevano i romani, er Gran Premio de Roma al posto della storica Monza? ahahahahaha sì, fateve er Gran Premio der Vaticano, cor Papa che gira co a Papamobile.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ayrton Senna tribute & Jenson Button

Senna through the storm, we can keep his legend alive. 
It's amazing how many people could stay there @ pitstop, quite dangerous... 
The banner "Ayrton thank you for staying simply the best" is from Monaco GP 1993 (won by him), we were there. Of course I added the Europe GP 1993 @ Donington. You can find his tshirts with original logo (best price around) clicking here and with Brazil colours here 
As in "High Fidelity", my favourite top5 drivers of all time: 
Senna, Button, Schumacher, Fangio (Argentinian of Italian origins), Stirling Moss or James Hunt, cool as fuck (Liam Gallagher would say: Steve McQueen) 
18 years without Senna, since Oasis began... (spring 1994)

another video, another F1 weekend, now in Bahrain. Let's hope nothing bad happens for anyone... McLaren boys will have extra SAS-style security (as soldiers), as Oasis had in 2009...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

China GP: McLaren still leads the championships

SHANGHAI - Rosberg won his first race in F1, first victory for Mercedes since the old times (1955, the Argentinian of Italian origins legend Fangio, in Monza).
Button couldn't be first even without that little mistake in the final pitstop, so the 2nd and 3rd place for McLaren are very good, now leading both the drivers and constructors tables (the teams championship also before this race), Hamilton three 3rd places in 3 races. Schumacher had a problem at the pitsop when he was 2nd in the first part.
Red Bull a lil bird still learning to fly, lol. Amazing how the McLaren could easily overtake it in the first part, I think Webber didn't see it.
Next race in 5 days in the controversial Bahrain.

more photos soon

Sunday, April 01, 2012

competition: win Monza

MONZA - Here's a competition as in the past years, to win Monza from Thursday 6 September: meeting all the Formula 1 drivers, shooting photos, on 7 September going around the big park of the circuit, sunbathing :), etc. oh and watching the cars too, lol.
During that Formula One weekend there's also the "Formula 1 rocks Milan" with a concert (speedy Beady Eye would be perfect), probably also the usual F1 night @ Hollywood Milano where Liam Gallagher was (or Just Cavalli Hollywood where Liam was) and the McLaren shop to visit as usual. Too cool places for Noel Gallagher, in fact he's never been there.
I already have an Australian model (dedicated to Noel Gallagher hating them) and a Czech model coming ;), but it's ok to have 3rd girl ;) (plus probably my sister working again @ Monza).
Last year we asked near which famous "Oasis place" Lewis Hamilton was born (Stevenage - Knebworth).
Two years ago we asked which Oasis song was covered by the McLaren drivers (Wonderwall).

This time something about Jenson Button (he usually stays @ Beady Eye same hotel, with Jessica Michibata), dedicated to the girls (they're interested in these things :)

For a commercial with Jenson, they had to use another person because a part of his body looks feminine... Which is this part of the body?

a) feet
b) hands
c) nose

answer to
If you win, we'll give you all the info, also if you need to travel.
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