Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hamilton to join Ferrari

LONDON - I've been defending Lewis when everybody, in Italy and in England, was attacking him, for his Monaco race, full of controversial episodes. It was really too much, Lewis had to right to attack the opponents, it's a competition, not an old cars parade. And the penalties against him only, were quite ridiculous.
His joke about racism was not really funny (penalties because of racism), in fact he apologised (he was almost having a big penalty for that joke).
And now, to be always honest, having seen the Canada race, we have to say he's exaggerating with his attitude (and he himself even apologised again). It's good to have someone driving with passion, but also brains are necessary. Driving against other cars, it doesn't make you Senna, but more a kamikaze. It's quite easy for everyone to drive as inside a videogame, I think also me could be able eh... You don't overtake someone with crashing... overtaking is an art to learn. I can't see the point why the other cars should make him pass so easily.
Of course tabloids have been attacking him, and, a bit surprisingly, I see that now even many people in England don't like him anymore.
In Italy the people almost always hate him, also because of course they're mainly Ferrari fans and he's too aggressive. But the people who like him, are now defending him, even acting as victims ("because he's black"... ridiculous), when he's clearly guilty now, in fact Ron Dennis got angry with him. In Italy defending who is guilty is a classic...
They also said he's "the only driver"... but now he's making a fool of himself, looks more like a clown in circus.
Hamilton is no Senna, he's a home-made driver, made with money and videogames...
On the contrary, Button had one of the greatest races I've ever seen in my life, in decades, since Senna times.
You know, footballers but also (and especially) drivers often change team, so I don't think Hamilton will stay forever @ McLaren. As Beady Eye say, nothing ever lasts forever... even intelligent opinions can't be always the same.
In fact, I've heard rumours about him leaving, to join Red Bull in 2013 (he visited them the other day...), but it's always been said about him joining Ferrari (Massa the disaster will probably leave soon, everybody's tired of him). Hamilton's kit becoming red lately could be a sign... in fact Ferrari people are not denying a transfer (tough he's got a contract for 2012 included, but he can change).
He's got half the points of Vettel, so now we have to support Jenson for the championship.
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