Thursday, December 29, 2011

speeding highs and lows 2011

HIGHS (crazy year)

On Lap 37 of the wet-dry 4 HOURS Canadian Grand Prix, Jenson Button was LAST of the lot after clashing with Hamilton and Alonso, and pitting three times over punctures and a speeding penalty.
Just 33 laps later, he won the race after a mesmerising drive through the entire field, boosted by a series of cleverly-timed pit stops.
The icing on the cake came at turn six on the very last lap when leader Sebastian Vettel, spooked by the ever-closing Button, slid wide and let the Brit through to win what he described as "definitely my best race ever". Definitely the best race seen in years.
Other highs were Jenson winning in Hungary or when ill in Singapore but racing great thanx to Italian pasta ;)

A woman in Monza saying that in front of Red Bull boss, Chris Horner, as you can hear at the end of this video:

(song: Noel Gallagher, "Aka what a life", published on 11 September, Monza race)
That weekend was a high, Button from 7th in the first laps, finished 2nd. And in those days the first McLaren shop in Italy opened here.

Some of the comic moments of the year — along with the Canadian marshall who fell over twice in front of the F1 pack — came in China as Jenson dived in to Red Bull's pit box by mistake for a tyre change.


Tragedy as we lost British IndyCar star Dan Wheldon in a crash, a week before MotoGP ace Marco Simoncelli died in Malaysia, that shocked us to the bone.

F1 drivers like to have a bit of fun over the winter — and Renault's Polish star Robert Kubica thought he would try rallying. Alas, he crashed his Skoda into a barrier on the Ronde di Andora event in Italy, emerging with life-threatening injuries including a smashed right arm that may yet end his career. The accident was also a blow to Renault's F1 challenge, from which the team never really recovered — although their radical exhaust system didn't help.

Confusion inside the head of (they say he was) the world's fastest F1 driver, Lewis Hamilton.
The most bizarre incident of a bizarre season for Hamilton came at Monaco. He was given two penalties after colliding with Felipe Massa and Pastor Maldonado. Afterwards he branded both "stupid". Asked why the stewards had singled him out, he replied: "Maybe it's because I'm black."
And he described his frequent visits to race officials as "an absolute fricking joke". Hamilton's inner demons stayed with him through most of the season, resulting in a series of untypically crass incidents (often while fighting against Ferrari's Massa, he could never overtake him easily, as if Massa was Senna) such as his crazy tangle with Kamui Kobayashi at Spa.
Massa even got a nonsense penalty. I couldn't stand Massa, but then I even began to like him, thanks to Hamilton.
Roll on 2012, eh Lewis?

Monday, December 19, 2011

new McLaren 2012 preview. 1 February, presentation

WOKING - Exclusive preview!! Lol joking, you can't see anything. The different gear still speeding will still be n.3 (ring F1circus) and n.4 (letter word). Jenson was 2nd at the end of the championship, I think he should have the n.3...
McLaren will have our new car ready for the first test of 2012, after the team confirmed today it will be launched in a few weeks, on 1 February. 
McLaren's announcement that the MP4-27 will be ready for the opening test at Jerez, which takes place from February 7-10, means the team follows Ferrari and Red Bull Racing in opting to get running as early as possible.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

stop using Senna helmets

INTERLAGOS - Shame on you! Just accept it: you'll never have even a nail of Senna.
Hamilton? Don't make me laugh, you've seen Senna on old videos only.
He's 4th today on the grid: Senna helmet still not working eh...
Also Barrichello wearing that helmet that only Senna could wear, in my opinion.
Then, what is this thing of everybody celebrating Vettel 15 pole positions in a season? What kind of record is that? Of course he could do that, he's got a perfect car... I would like to see him driving another one. And, the races are about 19 this year, in F1 history they were 6 in the Fifties, 10 in the Sixties, 16 from the Eighties, of course they had no chance to have 15 pole positions.

The race started and, as usual, both Hamilton and Barrichello lost positions... Senna helmet still not working.
Hamilton is still not able to overtake Massa (who is not exactly Senna...), Senna helmet still not working. Then he retired. Senna helmet still not working.

Il "telecronista" (è un complimento) Mazzoni ogni volta confonde Hamilton con Button, e c'è una bella differenza... Nei primi giri delle gare crede sempre che Button sia Hamilton, e deve sempre aspettare la grafica sulla tv per saperlo. Non era neanche difficile, visto che Hamilton perde sempre posizioni.
Poi continuava a confondere i nomi di Massa e Alonso (anche lì, bella differenza), e il capolavoro: "oggi sono bloccato su questo"...magari fosse solo oggi e solo questo, sei la disgrazia in persona.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

new McLaren Production Centre

WOKING - UK Prime Minister David Cameron visits McLaren to open brand-new McLaren Production Centre

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Button's Japanese helmet @ Eicma

MILAN - The helmet Jenson used in Japan at the Suzuka GP, the white one with red sun, as tribute to Japan, is at the Eicma, the biggest motorcycle show in the world. It takes days to see really everything, it's huge. We had some funny moment, the girls are working until Sunday. Some of them were the same of last year.
After some hours I noticed there were even the motorbikes, LOL. The photos don't give (never) the idea of how beautiful the girls are, you must go there. You realise that only when you're close to see the little blonde hairs on the body of the girls, omg :). My favourite part was of course the legendary mod Lambretta.
Meanwhile, Hamilton won a race (how rare... too late) in Abu Dhabi and said it was one of his best ones... best ones thanks to Vettel retiring? I even fell asleep.
Before this GP he even called "rubbish" what his own chief, the great Whitmarsh, said. He blamed the team more than one time when it was clearly his fault. If he didn't grow up inside McLaren, he would have already been sacked.

video also here: some pics, videos and 2 songs: Better day (Ocean Colour Scene, you can read Lambretta) and Friday I'm in love (The Cure). There's something for Simoncelli, "uno di noi", one of us.

a tribute video of mine, with the Beatles cover "Across the universe" by Beady Eye, feat. Jessica Michibata

the "Speeding Birds" (mix between Beady Eye and Noel Gallagher albums, lol), or The Roller girls. Ok ok I know your favourite one is not here, but it was impossible to choose 3 for a podium, so I chose some (almost) randomly. Also, special mention for Simona from Czech Republic, Plzen, where AC Milan will play next month, met her again on Friday 11.11.11 at 11:11 am, nice coincidence :). 
Always looking for new faces, let us know if anyone wants to work for this next year. Not really hard work eh. The hard part belongs to the boys ^_^ stop with double senses.
But I can't really stay for a long time in these places...just some hours... I mean, after all, we are men, not made of stone :)
Some girls were very "affectionate"... embracing me as Liam Gallagher did. Sorry Liam - I prefer the girls :)
meanwhile, just to keep the post about Oasis :), but babes are a classic of an English tabloid, though they'd go topless there - as I announced days ago, Noel plays Zurich, Switzerland, as my last Oasis gig with two Swiss girls on the front row and Noel winking an eye at me. Am I going there? Nah.. too expensive.. I'd rather save money for the Hungary GP, where Button and McLaren often win (of course I'm not going there because of the beautiful girls :). Unless some girls pay me for a threesome again. Nice experience.
 Ieva from Lithuania
Jessica from England (but Italian origins)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

cercasi signorine in topless

NEW DELHI - Another great race for Jenson Button, from the 4th position, immediately 2nd. 
Try to recognise who is Mister Bean here... (the actor is Rowan Atkinson). There's someone behaving as Mister Bean this year... a total disaster. You know I dislike Ferrari and have a bad opinion about Massa, not a good driver. But I see that Hamilton makes mistakes every time when he's trying to overtake him (is it so difficult? It shouldn't be...). To be honest, the penalty given to Massa, instead of Hamilton, is just ridiculous.
Formula 1 paid tribute to Marco Simoncelli and Dan Wheldon, at the end Jenson said Marco was an amazing motorcycle rider.

Da notare Jean Todt che appena ha visto Giovannelli è scappato e durante il minuto di silenzio guardava l'orologio...
Telecronaca come sempre allucinante... Mazzoni ci ha messo un sacco di tempo a capire che quel gran pilota scattato dalla 4a posizione e subito 2o, non era Hamilton come continuava a ripetere, ma Button. Solo grazie alla grafica che è venuta fuori sulla tv...
Mi ha sempre "affascinato" anche la grafica della regia italiana che quando iniziano le qualifiche scrive "prima eliminatoria" (cos'è? un concorso di bellezza? lo sci? perchè parlano di "manche"...) come fosse un linguaggio d'altri tempi e una grafica primitiva, così come il telecronista fuori tempo. Se proprio vogliono usare metodi tradizionali di tempi remoti, suggerisco di utilizzare signorine (magari in topless) che passano davanti alzandoci un cartello (e non solo quello), come nel pugilato.
Forse usano quelle scritte perchè pensano che il pubblico è rincoglionito come loro... peccato che non vengono qui a leggere.
Alla fine Hamilton, che ormai mi sta sulle balle (si era capito?), ha risposto col contagocce a quell'incompetente di Stella Bruno, che gli ha chiesto dell'incidente: niente, parlo della gara. Bene, com'è stata la tua gara? Boring. Fine dell'intervista.
Tutto questo per dire che questa F1 in tv è tutta da rifare.

a very bad year for Lewis...

Formula 1 ace Lewis Hamilton says he's been through a "tough time" since splitting from singer Nicole Scherzinger.
The Sun exclusively revealed the pair had called it a day last week after four years together.
Lewis, 26, said: "These times are sent to try you. And it's about how you pull through them."
He is still in touch with the beauty, 33, saying: "We're friends and we can move forward. I have my family who are helping. So I feel pretty good."
Nicole wouldn't discuss her ex as she filmed Alan Carr's Chatty Man Channel 4 show.
An audience member said: "It was embarrassing. Lewis was what we wanted to know about."

Saturday, October 29, 2011

mod job for girls

MILAN - I know this is not about cars, but I post something here too, because of Simoncelli, and because this is not really about motorbikes, but about girls :). I don't really care about motorbikes...
You remember the Eicma motorbikes exhibition, my sister organizes that event again and she needs girls to work, but they must be quite thin (38-40 Italian size dress), around 10-13 November @ Fiera Rho. Also many foreign girls work for this. 

McLaren Marlboro colours :), Paul Weller & Kelly Jones (Stereophonics), Call me n.5

(8-9 November for journalists), 10 to 13 November, the 69th (nice number :) EICMA motorbikes exhibition (or : women exhibition :)), as in the past years.
Already an event for November, so the girls can prepare to work there. And people can plan travels (I know English people who even came to Milan just for single car events).
Of course there are all kinds of motorbikes, but we mods (we are mods we are mods we are we are we are mods) are especially interested in Milano Lambretta (name from the river Lambro) and Vespa, that is also in Liam Gallagher's Pretty Green shops.
It's in the same place where Oasis had to perform their last concert ever (fiera Milano-Rho, Expo 2015), Oasis gig now possibly in 2015 as it had to be.
Girls enter for free on Friday 11. My sister is one of the girls working there so I enter for free, so I'm a girl too, lol.
This year it will be dedicated to Marco Simoncelli.

Going places (once also covered with Beady Eye's Gem Archer)

The Jam, English rose

...I could add a thousand songs... The Kinks, The Who, etc.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

r.i.p. Marco Simoncelli

from McLaren: "RIP Marco Simoncelli. Our thoughts are with his family, friends and the MotoGP paddock at this sad time."
30/10: "The Formula 1 community and Indian Grand Prix crowd has just respectfully observed a minutes silence for Dan Wheldon and Marco Simoncelli - RIP Dan and RIP Marco" 

(Oasis music Live forever, piano version) - the funeral is on Thursday 27, 2:30pm on Italian tv Italia1 channel from Milan (also satellite). He was also an AC Milan fan. The people are still shocked.
His nickname was "(Super)Sic", yes he was also a bit "sick" 'cause he was mad :)
In the accident he fell and was hit on the only delicate part of a motorcycle racer - the neck - by Colin Edwards who couldn't do anything to avoid him and got injured too. Marco lost the helmet, that's really strange. We thought, just to smile a bit, that is was because of his hair.
The event "Eicma international exhibition" in Milan will be dedicated to him, see here (job for girls).

in India, Formula 1 remembers Marco (this is Trulli helmet, same colours of Simoncelli's)

India GP, George Harrison

NEW DELHI - Martin Whitmarsh, very kind person. Another different weekend (India Grand Prix, for the first time), still speeding.
Indian Pretty Green paisley GP lol. ...(I'm preparing for the Brazilian GP) ..."we need to know more about you"..."you need to be the best"... then they already know enough :)
Almost 10 years ago George Harrison died, big fan of India and McLaren. You remember my post some months ago.
The other day on Oasisblues I was posting a long video with Oasis songs without Noel Gallagher, "The quiet ones" by Gem was clearly a tribute to George, for the sound and the fact that he was the "quiet one" of the Beatles.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

F1 memories: Monaco 1993

MONTECARLO - Adriane Galisteu was Senna's new girlfriend at those times. We were there that year (and also came back another time in that period), I found these old pics, and we have more. And also drove on that legendary circuit anticlockwise, lol.
On Thursday (you know, no Formula 1 on Friday in Monaco, the prince must sleep :), it was raining and (quite strange) Senna had a bad accident, so for the qualifying & race his hand was bandaged. And the super Williams by Prost was one second faster : you know, those were the times of so much electronics on the cars, so the driver was less important. The situation for Senna was very difficult, but this was Montecarlo... everything could happen.
Nobody could expect this, Prost the bastard made a false start, so he got a penalty (10 seconds of stop&go). As already happened some weeks before, in the legendary (Europe) GP in Donington, England (with Senna overtaking some cars under the rain in the first lap, becoming first), Prost made the car turn off and was 22th. So, Schumacher was first, but then retired for a mechanical problem.
Prost was one lap late, when Ayrton was about to lap him, the french didn't let him pass... Ayrton protested with his hand against him, then overtook him. Of course Ayrton won (and so he was incredibly first in the drivers standings), 6th win for him in Monaco (it's still the record).

Sunday, October 16, 2011

piloti che sanno di tappo

YEONGAM - 700th (not so good) GP for McLaren, I'm quite disappointed, the weekend started so well. How to throw away the only one pole-position in the whole year : Hamilton lost it immediately. Negative year for him.

Mazzoni ripetitivo: "Vi voglio ricordare che si corre in senso antiorario..." beh sì, casomai prendeste la pista dalla parte sbagliata e andiate contromano... 
"Webber fa da tappo a Massa"... sì, è un po' come dire che Vettel fa da tappo a Kobayashi... Infatti appena l'ha detto, Webber se n'è andato via e non l'ha più visto, era Massa a fare da tappo a quelli dietro.
"Button esce dai box ed è in lotta con Rosberg, quindi le Ferrari se ne avvantaggeranno"... detto fatto, le Ferrari erano davanti a Button e ora sono dietro.
Dopo era "Rosberg a fare da tappo"... rientra ai box quindi "ora non fa più da tappo"... dopo è "Hamilton a fare da tappo"... uff questi piloti sanno di tappo. Poi Mazzoni parla di "vittorie di tappa", che è la donna del tappo.
"Dovrebbe essere un ritiro questo di Maldonado" dentro al box durante la gara... no, è rientrato perchè non voleva perdersi la puntata di Beautiful. Poi tra una mezz'oretta rientrerà in gara.
Ci si mette anche Capelli: "Hamilton ha preso una buona accelerazione!"... era davanti a Webber per un sacco di giri e solo adesso che l'ha detto è stato passato.
Alla fine i piloti hanno festeggiato con champagne, che sapeva un po' di tappo.
Ormai 'sti "telecronisti in pista" hanno capito che c'è tutta Italia che li prende per i fondelli e ogni tanto cercano di buttarla sul comico, facendo piangere. Quasi quasi se non ci fossero mi mancherebbero. Quasi.
Perchè senza di loro parleremmo solo di sport, robe tecniche, robe serie, mica puttanate.
A proposito di puttanate, a Monza ho visto per la prima volta da vicino quell'incompetente totale di Stella Bruno (ma come mai ha lo stesso cognome di quell'altro, l'ingegner Bruno?! mah! soliti raccomandati in Rai...). 'Sto ingegnere sembra quello di "Ho vinto quacche cosa?" di Mai dire gol.
Certo non bisogna giudicare le persone da alcuni "dettagli", ma nel caso di "vai Stella" non c'è una roba che si salva. La prima (e ultima) parola che mi è venuta in mente è stata : vacca. Che schifo.
A questi esperti di tappi, mentre "lavorano" levategli il Lambrusco.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

McLaren 700 GPs, Marco 500 GPs, stay young and invincible

YEONGAM - McLaren celebrates their 700th Formula 1 race this weekend in Korea. Founded at the Beatles times in 1963, they started to race in F1 in 1966. Ferrari in 1929 (but really from 1939) and in F1 from the beginning, 1950, but in a comparison Ferrari-McLaren the percentage for number of GPs / races won, is similar.

Asked by McLaren which was his favourite race, Marco answered:
"My favourite McLaren race is always the last one, 'cause I love McLaren always more and more. It's about 3 decades I'm following you (when Jenson was born :), so for me it's something like the 500th GP :). I'm always meeting my favourite Jenson, his race in Canada this year was the best one I've ever seen. From Italy, in spite of Ferrari :), thank you for the good times".

In the first years of F1 there were a few races and time ago about 16 per year, now they're always more, so I can say that I've seen about half the races in the whole F1 history.
It seems I'm fucking old, lol, no, Noel Gallagher is. Hahah. Liam has always a very young spirit, and I'm much younger than him, so I'm not worried about age :) and I look very young.
It seems that Noel is young only in his Adidas shoes :), because Liam said they shouldn't be used by people from about 30 years old. Well, I do use them :)
In 1997 Noel wrote the great song Stay Young (and invincible, come what may we're unstoppable, my faith's unshakeable), but he didn't like it. Of course Liam loved it, me too.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

new rule: you can push the other cars to the grass

SUZUKA - Breaking news. New rule in Formula 1: you can now push the other cars to the grass.
That's what Vettel did at the start against Button, and of course he should have had a penalty. Of course he didn't have.
What kind of world champions is this? The most overrated one. The one who makes so many mistakes when it rains while great drivers as Button make miracles.
Vettel, driving a perfect car (by the Englishman Adrian Newey, ex McLaren), clearly has a good reputation and the judges probably think he can't make mistakes, he can't be dishonest.
Oh something new: Hamilton hit Massa again.
Come on Japan, come on Jenson, he's 1st now! stronger than injustice!
And he won the Japanese race!
Before the race I predicted: "Jenson without a doubt".
At the end, half joking, Jenson asked Vettel if he didn't see him...

Friday, October 07, 2011

competition: meet Hamilton and drive a McLaren!

SILVERSTONE - To celebrate its partnership of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula One™ Team, the makers of Johnnie Walker® are offering one lucky reader the extraordinary chance to train as a Formula One driver and meet Formula One World Champion and Vodafone McLaren Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton as part of the unique Drive of a Lifetime programme.
A once in a lifetime experience for any motorsport fan, Drive of a Lifetime begins with a 'behind the scenes' tour at the McLaren Technology Centre. The lucky winner will then have the chance to drive a variety of supercars at the PalmerSport Driving Centre and receive expert tuition from World Championship winning McLaren personnel and meet with Hamilton. The experience will culminate with a competition between all participants to win the ultimate prize, a drive around Silverstone in the 2008 World Champion Formula 1 car. If that's not enough, the prize also covers accommodation and meals throughout the experience.
Taking place over three days from 18th to 20th October 2011, the Drive of a Lifetime offers a unique chance to Step Inside the world of McLaren and take part in a truly exceptional driving experience.

click here (competition for UK residents only)

If you don't win, you can still win a drive @ Silverstone here on a Nissan GT-R, courtesy of Virgin Experience Days (and Senna film)

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Button stays at McLaren but says: to win we need a clear number 1 in the team

SUZUKA - Another Formula 1 weekend, this time in Japan. And other years with our favourite driver (here in the photo winning in Hungary : we'll go there next year, a bit tired of Monza, I know it too well and the fans are too crazy here, too much confusion).
Jenson Button has signed a new multi-year contract to stay at McLaren after several months of negotiations.
There was little doubt that Button would remain at the team next year, but the question was whether he would sign to stay at the team beyond 2012 or leave his options open. However, today McLaren confirmed that Button will stay put on a new multi-year contract.
But Jenson says the best way to win the World Championship is to have a clear number one driver in the team.
"The best way for a team to win the World Championship would be probably to have a No 1 driver, and a No 2 driver who is happy to be a No 2. We do not have this at McLaren. If I cannot win then I am pleased if he wins. I'm like 'Wow, he has really done a good job'. On the other hand it will be exactly the same because we drive for the same team. A victory is always good for the mood in the team."
"I've never felt more at home at a team than I do at McLaren," Button said. "I've won four of the greatest races of my life here, I'm currently lying second in the drivers' world championship, and I feel that I'm driving better than ever.
"You can only achieve that with the right level of support - and I truly believe that the passion and determination to win are stronger here at McLaren than anywhere else.
"As a grand prix driver, those are incredibly powerful feelings to share and be part of, and they've only reinforced my desire to commit my long-term future to this team. I've made no secret of my ambition to continue winning races and world championships, and I fully believe this is the place where I can achieve those aims.
"We at McLaren know how to win, and we're busy refining an organisation that will enable us to keep on doing that for years to come."
Although exact details of the contract length have not been revealed, team principal Martin Whitmarsh said Button is one half of "the best driver line-up in all of Formula One" alongside Lewis Hamilton and that he was delighted to secure his services.
"Jenson is a great driver and a great guy," Whitmarsh said. "In fact, I can safely say that he's one of the most capable and respected drivers we've ever had, and I'm therefore absolutely delighted that he'll continue to work with us into the future. He's a considerable credit to this organisation, and I'm proud to be his team principal.
"I feel sure that he'll now build on the considerable success he's already achieved with us, and will be even more successful with us in years to come. I think he and Lewis say it better than anyone. Their comments show just how much they respect and trust each other, and they once again continue to prove what we as a team have always known: that McLaren has the very best driver line-up in all of Formula One."
Hamilton also welcomed the deal: "It's great news that Jenson has chosen to stay with McLaren," he said. "Jenson has been a great person to work with, and a genuine team-player, from the moment we welcomed him on board. McLaren is a team with a unique and successful tradition in Formula One, which I'm proud to be part of.
"It was the best moment of my career when I won the drivers' world championship with this team. Jenson and I are as hungry and as ambitious as ever to win races and world championships in the future."

Monday, October 03, 2011

competition: win Senna (Adriane maybe included)

MILAN - On Oasisblues I was posting about the Playboy party in Milan on 6 October featuring a special guest of mine @ our club Just Cavalli Hollywood where we invited Liam Gallagher some months ago, and Liam on the latest Playboy Japan (not nude, lol), let's put something here too: time ago, Adriane Galisteu from Brazil, Senna's ex girlfriend, was on Playboy Brazil ("a estrela nua na Italia", oh yeah :), here she is, eating spaghetti or doing something with them, lol). Oh Adriane, those blonde hairs on your body make me crazy :). As the film Rocky 4 the Italian stallion said : Adrianaaa I love yooouu ^_^
She got a bit old now, but anyway... I would. Lol.
After Oasis brother Paul Gallagher's and my posts, here's another one about Senna, this time a competition.
One lucky reader is on track to win a top-notch Home Entertainment system and a copy of racing film "Senna".
The prize package includes a Samsung 51" 3D Ready Plasma TV and a Samsung 2.1 Blu-ray Home Cinema.
Plus, the lucky winner and five runners-up will receive a Triple Play Blu-ray copy of Senna biopic.
The moving documentary charts the tragic life of Formula 1 legend Ayrton Senna, who won three World Championships before dying in a crash while leading the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix.
The loss sparked a host of safety improvements to the sport and no other driver has died mid-race since.
Brazilian-born Senna is widely considered one of the best racing drivers of all time.
Out on Triple Play Blu-ray and dvd October 10, Senna movie tells his incredible story using lots of previously unseen footage, taken from the Formula One archives.
click here

Monday, September 26, 2011

ill Button's great race thanks to Italian pasta

SINGAPORE - Jenson: "I was ill yesterday morning (the day of the race). I don't know where it came from, but when you do have it you're massively dehydrated. I was a kilo and a half lighter than I normally am in the morning, and putting that weight back on was quite difficult. So I 'Immodiumed' up, ate a lot of PASTA because carbohydrates help you soak up liquid and drank a lot of salty water drinks. So I was good by the race, I managed to get my weight back up, and I got through it.”
Italian pasta always works.
I could win a bottle of F1 Scotch whisky thanks to the Scotsman Paul Di Resta (some Italian origin) driving a quite weak Force India, 'cause I bet he would've finished 5th (and that would've been an incredible result). During the race he was unbelievably 3rd (!), and also 5th for a lot of time, so I was already feeling the taste of whisky on my Salamander tongue :) ...but at the end, guess who finished 5th? My NOT beloved Hamilton... I was disappointed, a bottle doesn't worth much but I wanted to win that as a trophy for something difficult to guess. He finished 6th...

Vodafone Italy now chose Oasis' Whatever as music for their commercials... pity that in Italy the Vodafone Adsl doesn't work well even in the centre of Milan...

consiglio: evitare l'adsl Vodafone Italia e vodafone station-fornello elettrico, non funzionano persino in centro a Milano

Sunday, September 25, 2011

sack Lewis Hamilton

SINGAPORE - (Photo with Szonja, the blonde). Great race for Button, as usual. 2nd the whole race and at the end he was gaining SECONDS in every lap, and marked an incredible fastest lap of the whole Gp. And now even moved to 2nd place in the championship table, who would've thought.
And on the contrary, of course, usual rubbish race for Hamilton, as almost always. What is he thinking of ? women? Now I'm even more tired of him, as it seems he blames the team. Terrible start because he stayed behind Webber (how can you stay behind that one... of course you lose positions), from 4th to 8th (!), again behind Schumacher. Then, Hamilton couldn't overtake Massa (!) and hit the Ferrari, so both had to stop. But Hamilton didn't stop immediately, did he realise he had an accident? Fucking hell. He didn't even have part of the front wing! Of course he was also punished and had a "drive through" penalty. Through the car radio he asked if they were fighting against Kobayashi (!) ...oh yes, because you're an idiot, I would've answered. Luckily for him, the safety car then entered so he could overtake the weak cars. He's become an unbearable driver. People saying he was the new Senna, must be drunk.

Spassoso Pino Allievi (che, a ragione, è stato l'unico a criticare Hamilton), che avendo imparato dal telecronista Mazzoni, parla di gossip: la famiglia di Vettel, "non ho visto la sorella" ghghgh
Ma arriva l'esperto di pettegolezzi, vai Gianfranco: "Button ha preso casa a Tokyo perchè passa lunghi periodi in Giappone..." eeeeh sì, cosa farà mai in questi lunghi periodi... (Jessica)
Non poteva non dire le solite boiate del giorno: "Schumacher è stato sorpassato da Hamilton.... (pochi secondi dopo) No scusate, è Hamilton che ha sorpassato Schumacher" (che vuol dire la stessa cosa) e no, Schumacher ha passato Hamilton quindi Hamilton è dietro (chi non vorrebbe un cretino come telecronista?)

with the "5th driver" widget on the right column you can even see telemetry and pit messages with the McLaren drivers during the races

n.3 ring circus for Hamilton, n.4 letter word for Button :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Button laughs off links to his childhood dream Ferrari

SINGAPORE - Another "different gear, still speeding" Formula 1 weekend. Jenson Button (here in a weird red for McLaren) has laughed off suggestion he could be on his way to "the Rossa" red Ferrari in 2013.
"When I was growing up I was excited about the three big teams - Williams, McLaren and Ferrari", he said, who started his career with Williams in 2000.
"It doesn't mean you need to drive for Ferrari to fulfil your childhood dreams because as you grow up things change."
Rumours first arose in May after the Englishman revelead he'd always dreamed of driving for the Italian marque.
Team principal Martin Whitmarsh is keen to tie Button down to a long-term deal.
"Jenson will be here next year", he said earlier this month (but they're still in talks).
"We're looking to do a deal that will see him race for McLaren for the rest of his career. That may be for the next 3 or 5 years. Who knows? Jenson is a mature and very intelligent guy. He is still fit as a flea and still hungry to race."
The Ferrari suggestion had raised its head again in the wake of the Canadian race (unforgettable for Jenson), where the 2009 world champion came together his teammate in a race he went on to win with a dramatic final lap pass.
But now he rubbished the story, saying the idea was "hilarious because it's not true. I don't know who put that out there, but it wasn't us and it wasn't Ferrari".
Given his current role as joint-team leader alongside Hamilton, a move to Ferrari where he would play second fiddle to Alonso seems unlikely.
Jenson could pull off a major coup this season by becoming the first team-mate to finish ahead of Lewis Hamilton in the championship.
Whitmarsh has revealed the broader McLaren company hopes to work with Button beyond his Formula One career. "He could take on an ambassador's role for us".
Ferrari fans, everything is possible, but for now: dream on. Ferrari, please get Hamilton instead.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ayrton Senna film & t-shirt

MILAN - You remember my post on the article written by Paul Gallagher, brother of Oasis, about Ayrton Senna's new movie, the legendary driver of English cars only, Toleman, Lotus, McLaren, Williams.
I watched it recently and I was crying from the first to last minute :(
There are a lot of dialogue scenes you might have never seen. And also during the races scenes you feel as to be there.
Of course there's a lot about the rivalry with the Prost I was writing about recently. Something with his girlfriend Adriane Galisteu.
The other week @ Monza weekend, Lewis Hamilton had "Senna" written behind, but he didn't really drive as Ayrton...
When Senna died and was going to heaven, the helicopter had ironically the colours of McLaren.

You can find his classic t-shirt here in my little shop of simple clothes, it's the most selling one (and I had 300,000 visits there), the logo is original and in the official shops it costs much more. Available in other colours too (you can also change them), as the one in Brazil colours.
The film, special edition (2 dvd) $ 25 = £ 16

trailer video

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Monza Northern soul, day 4: Chris Horner fuck you, lol. Do what we wanna do!

MONZA - Good race for Jenson Button: he was 7th and I was thinking omg that's rubbish, but then I knew it seems he always does it on purpose to have fun, losing some positions to overtake, and finished 2nd!
Hamilton, as usual, was rubbish: started 2nd, then he was 5th and stuck behind Schumacher for so many laps. Jenson was behind them and when Lewis made a mistake to overtake Michael, then Jenson "said": that'll do me :). I was sure Button would have overtaken Schumacher immediately, Hamilton isn't even able to overtake a Mercedes.
Alonso on Ferrari had a great start, from 4th to 1st, an illusion for their fans.
I was laughing when the Australian Mark Webber went out of the track and retired, exactly where I was.
He said he didn't realise (for a whole lap) that he lost the front wing against Massa... are you blind or idiot?
I didn't like the crowd (of course Ferrari fans), not very sporting, 'cause under the podium they booed especially Vettel and also Button.
There were some from South Italy who, instead of having fun, decided to  have a continuous argument against people with Padania flags (North Italy political party, extremely conservative) because they said they had nothing to do there. They have, in fact it was a political battle to keep the Formula 1 here as always and not in Rome. Besides, Padania is not only politics but it's North Italy. The police had to intervene, on Padania side, mocked those from South so all the people were laughing at them communists, because policemen said people can bring any flag they want.
We are in Italy, People of Freedom, and as the best Beady Eye song says: we do what we want oh yeah!

best moment of 2011: at 0:54 a woman saying "Chris Horner fuck you" LOL
(the Red Bull man)

summary - song: "Going places" by Teenage Fanclub (Liam's favourite band)

the same, but with What a life, published on Monza race day

Monza day 2 & 3 @ temple of speed

MONZA - It's so hot that we got tanned more in 2 days than in 2 months of holidays. I'm burning.
Here are 2 other videos, not so clear because too sunny (41°C on the track), so on Sunday I must use another camera, and zoom all my photos.
We found the people of last year (then Monza park is not so huge :) as it is) and stayed in the most dangerous places (it's closer than it seems). Now it's time for an exciting race. 
Photo: the kid scratching his balls ahahaha
I noticed Ferrari fans are sick. They're all Ferrari-dressed, even the shoes.
About the noise, it's unbearable. I noticed that if you don't look at the track and think about something else, the noise even hurts you, you get a headache. So it means that when you watch, the brain helps bearing the noise.
There's still the smell of fuel, food and suntan cream: those are the best smells. Many people like the smell of fuel, and of course food and the sun.

at the beginning: Ross Brawn from Manchester

free practice

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Monza day 1

MONZA - day 1… of 4... we're destroyed already, very tired. Maybe also because the alarm clock is set to wake up in 4 hours, at dawn.
We've arrived in Milan exactly at the same time of McLaren ahaha (some say it’s a good sign), after 2 months of holidays :D Now the 3rd one starts :D
And in Monza we were the first ones arriving :), other good sign.
Photo: there are also those ear caps we call "suppositories" ahaha that's not a good sign, lol.
In the pitlane there was also Beady Eye's crocodile :) of Different gear still speeding. Because hanged outside Mark Webber’s box there was a sign with a crocodile and written: "danger crocodile", "no swimming / streaming". I'll zoom it.
There were more meetings last year but we were stuck @ McLaren. Besides, the McLaren shop opened in Milan. Met a couple from California and a Russian. Quite far away, aren't they.
More photos in these days, I'll make a video with some proper song ad the best of the weekend.
The President of Italian Republic will be @ race (a sort of special edition) because it's Italy 150th anniversary and on Sunday he's giving the cup to the winner on the podium...
You're still in time to join.

A warm and sunny weekend is forecast for the Santander Italian Grand Prix at Monza.
Unlike Spa-Francorchamps two weeks ago, the weather in Italy should mean teams and drivers have better conditions to avoid a repeat of the blistering seen on Pirelli’s tyres.
"At the very least, going to Monza is always a very evocative and historic occasion – perhaps more than any other circuit, you can really feel the sport’s past here, and it’s become the perfect venue to bid farewell to the European season before we head to the final flyaways. I think it’s very important that Formula 1 keeps hold of these classics" (Martin Whitmarsh, McLaren).
“Last year, I won at Spa and failed to finish at Monza. For this year, I guess I’m looking to reverse that sequence! I’ve already moved on from my non-finish in Belgium and I’m really looking forward to returning to Italy, a place where I spent a lot of time racing karts: it’s a country I really love." (Lewis Hamilton)

Lewis and Jenson signing autographs

Monday, September 05, 2011

F1 interview, Marco: driving in Monza is the best thing you could ever do

MONZA – As promised, another interview with me by a friend, this time about cars and Formula 1, but as usual, it’s more than just a sport, it’s always about our lives. About women too, ‘cause the couple “women and engines” is a classic.
Also repeating some things already said in the past, but we’ve done it for the new readers.

Noel Gallagher said he never wanted to get a driving licence. What about you and Liam?

ahah yeah he acts like a superstar, he always wanted a driver, even if Alan gave him a car as gift, Noel used to drive in the garden only ahaha. And with a driver, he had a bad accident time ago. Well me too, fortunately not an accident, as Noel I almost never drive. I think Liam does have a driving licence, I’ve seen him driving but I didn’t mind to know if he had one. You know, in the ‘90s the Gallaghers were mad and always drunk, of course you could never see them driving. And they were the new superstars, of course with their drivers. One was Ian Robertson, Liam's bodyguard, who wrote a book. Also telling about when Liam got angry with him and threw himself outside the car running. They argued and Liam sacked him.
Today, if Liam hadn’t a licence, he wouldn’t sing “I get the car” in Bring the Light… :) and publish a whole debut album as Different Gear Still Speeding, often naming cars. Even if in the Millionaire video it’s Andy driving.

Who was your driving master, who was the one teaching you?

oh it’s a lot of time I wasn’t thinking about him: he was an Italian man, a Latin lover, now I tell you why. He was very funny but not really the best teacher to have, because while I was driving he was always telling me to look at this or that attractive woman around, so he was distracting me, maybe on purpose, to see if I was concentrated. But I think sex was always on his mind. Always while I was driving he used to comment about other girls he was teaching to drive, asking me about some of them: “why don’t you fuck her?” Lol
I think he’s still around Milan centre, so women: be careful ahaha

Let’s start with Formula 1, it’s some decade you’re following F1, so you can say two or three things, you clearly have some opinion...

aha yeah some time has passed. I wonder if a child is first interested in cars or football… difficult to say. I started in the ‘80s when we children used to play marbles and gave them names of F1 drivers, depending on their colours. Hey I still remember as if it was just yesterday: the white marble is Teo Fabi on Osella car (wtf? :). The circuit, made of cement (to remind you my football interview ahaha) had the shape of Italy. The battle among F1 drivers of those times was huge: there were Prost, Lauda, Alboreto (who sadly died ten years ago), Mansell, Berger, Patrese, Piquet, etc. then Senna. Today only a very few can win a race. 
In the famous rivalry Prost-Senna at first I was for Prost. If it was today, I would never and never support him. Usually Italian children always support Ferrari, and he was also a Ferrari driver. Now I know the great person Senna was.

You named Senna…so here we go. We can’t say you were lucky to see his death direct live.

Unfortunately, unforgettable day, 1 May 1994 in Italy, at Imola GP, when there were still 2 races in Italy in every season. As Lucio Dalla song "Ayrton" about him says, he decided to go away in a land of dreamers, his beloved Italy. Sadly he's never been a Ferrari driver but was always here and spoke a perfect Italian. Times when I was starting to follow a new band called Oasis… The ‘90s were really strange for the F1. Changing rules because of more than one tragic event. Ratzenberger, Wendlinger and so on. Sometimes it was getting quite annoying, people don’t like when you change the rules, they like the usual things, as also Liam recently said. But our passion for this sport was big now, there were many F1 videogames we would’ve played all the time, and used to buy magazines every week. And of course we couldn’t miss one race. Also in the early morning, for the Japan and Australia races, so our parents had to wake us up. Waking up early when it was still dark outside, made us feel adult people, and watching a race direct live was a big emotion. Of course they were replaying the race in the morning but we wanted the direct live show. Even if the Italian tv has got some terrible commentator aha. My grandfather Guido used to do the same with boxing, waking up at night.

You were lucky to drive on Monza circuit. You impressions about it?

yes more than one time, I was honoured to drive there on this legendary asphalt. You can breathe history in Monza, on this so old circuit. There’s no chance at all that Rome could take us the Italian race away, as they wanted.
My sister used to work as “umbrella girl” gridgirl. Not me, I'm not a gridgirl, or not yet ahah. They don’t really hold an umbrella but number and name of the driver on the grid. You know, you see this legendary circuit since you’re a child, then you drive on it so many times but with videogames when you’re a kid, you know which gear is necessary for every corner, so you feel as to know it so well all your life. And driving there, it blows your mind. Just try, if you can. I was talking about sex, but this is the best thing you could ever do, not in horizontal position ahaha
And if you’ve never been there, they could really be some of your best days ever. You’re impressed by the smell of fuel, food and suntan cream in the air. And by beautiful women. And of course by the noise of engines, so you could need to put something in your ears. I have some ear caps that look like suppositories ahaha, so every time we laugh about it. I got them on the Salvador Dali train to Barcelona.
Besides, usually it’s sunny, maybe not this time aha ‘cause I said that, but it’s not like the Belgium or Great Britain races where you’re sure it always rains.

The ‘90s were the times when the phenomenon Schumacher came out…

right, we didn’t feel he was a funny person at first aha. But when he joined Ferrari, winning races was the only important thing. He’s a good man, many people laugh about him ‘cause he was so many years in Italy and can hardly speak Italian, but he can and he’s funny. He won so many races that it’s even difficult to remember some.

You’re Italian and not a Ferrari fan. Sounds a bit weird?

aha I don’t think so. I used to be a fan but to me Ferrari is just a brand. I can’t see them representing Italy. When they win, the Italian anthem is played but I think it would be quite stupid if I felt proud to be Italian because of Ferrari. It’s different from the football national team, where Italian footballers play, while Ferrari has foreign drivers, as always. I think about F1 teams as football clubs, not nations. But you know, both the McLaren drivers are English and I feel that team more like a nation. Anyway, hands off : Ferrari is always the biggest team in history. When you see that fire red car passing, you know it’s like a dream on wheels, every driver would want to race for them.

What do you think about F1 drivers in 2011?

I think the world champion Vettel is a bit overrated... and Button is underrated. You can see a great driver when it rains. In fact, Senna was great under the rain. Vettel usually becomes one as many and makes many mistakes. He’s good but he’s got a great car (created by the English genius Adrian Newey, former McLaren). Button with the rain could have even competed with Senna. Canada GP last June was one of the best races I ever seen, even if too long, Button was unbelievable, from last position to first.
His strategies are usually different and he's got a special superpower when he switches his "overtaking mode : on", he's devastating.
And he’s always at the events extra races, while Hamilton almost never… recently he said there are to many events to attend… Lewis made too many mistakes this season, he’s too aggressive. Button had many team mistakes and technical problems, and Lewis is even behind him in the standings… he’s ready for Ferrari ahaha I think 2012 will be his last season for us.

Predictions on this weekend?

well I’m optimistic about our McLaren boys, they never won here so it should happen soon or later.
You know, winning in Monza is unforgettable, ‘cause there are so many hot fans, the “tifosi” as Schumacher says, as anywhere else in the world and thousands are under the podium. Drivers have shivers when they see how passionate the fans are here.
And the mighty Red Bull never won here, so it’s the same for them, of course they have more chances than anyone else, more than Ferrari driving “at home” (even if their real home F1 circuit was Imola, closer to Maranello, in their same region).

Enjoy the race, it’s Monza, baby!

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Monza preview +win Abu Dhabi

MONZA - Fancy some Santander High Flying Birds? :) That street is inside the circuit, next to the paddock, there's a lot of F1 merchandise along there.
What are you willing to do to go to the F1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi on the 13th of November? (place of Manchester City owner and sponsor :)
Show your passion for F1 in a video or photo to participate.
The 10 most voted videos or photos by the public will go to the finals along with 10 selected by a jury, which will value the passion, originality, sense of humour, boldness and the presence or link with Banco Santander (sponsor of both McLaren and Ferrari).
First prize includes flights, hotel and Grandstand tickets for two people to the Abu Dhabi GP. Plus other prizes.
The jury will consist of the drivers of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, and Ferrari drivers.
click here
This contest is only available for people from: Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, México, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Uruguay and USA.
oh no france, whatapity haha
I get angry when there are competitions excluding my country. If yours is not above, blame Ferrari haha

Monday, August 29, 2011

Button in Manchester

MANCHESTER - with Pirelli tyres from Milan :). Jenson: "Really excited about Monza", -10 days

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Button switching the overtaking mode: on

SPA - Belgium race @ Spa: Hamilton crashed, oh that's new. As I repeat AGAIN and AGAIN: sack him.
Great race from Button as always, from 13th to 3rd, as he switches his overtaking mode: on.
Although Jenson had technical problems and team mistakes in some races, Hamilton is even behind him in the standings, so this says a lot about Lewis' disasters this season

Friday, August 26, 2011

Formula 1 events

MONZA - Free practice on Friday, @ legendary Ascari. If it's the first time for you there, you'll be impressed by the noise and smell of fuel, food and suntan cream in the air.
Above is the usual party @ Hollywood Milano. There'll be also the usual "Formula One rocks Milan" (with Jamiroquai from Manchester playing at the stadium in Monza, last year Oasis' friends Stereophonics) and the afterparty @ Just Cavalli

Saturday, August 13, 2011

win Monza competitions

MONZA – Beady Eye: three ring F1 circus, different gear still speeding, saying to the driver: just drive, -25 days to the deep blue sky :)

On the Vodafone Vip website there are some competitions to win Monza and Manchester (because the great Jenson Button will drive a McLaren through the streets of Manchester on August 29 as part of a three-day festival in the British city), but you can't participate to the competitions if you're not a Vodafone user.

So here's a competition as last year "up for grabs" :) for everybody, to win Monza from Thursday 8 September: meeting all the Formula 1 drivers, taking photos, going around the big park of the circuit, sunbathing :), etc. oh and watching the cars too, lol.
You can download the full programme here.
During that F1 weekend there's also "cosmic girl" Jamiroquai from Manchester (big fan of cars) for the "Formula 1 rocks Milan" (Jamiroquai rocks?), and the first McLaren shop will open soon.
Last year we asked which Oasis song was covered by the McLaren drivers (Wonderwall).

This time: near which famous "Oasis place" Lewis Hamilton (Oasis fan and Pretty Green fan) was born:

a) Earls Court
b) Knebworth
c) Maine Road

answer to /or/

And here's the usual Guido-guide :) to the circuit.
Another English car, Wil-LIAMs :), now Nico Rosberg drives a Mercedes, ex (Manchester) Brawn

love is blind :)
They say he’s sweet. Yes, because he speaks English with Italian accent :)
his girlfriend studied in Milan and he's got friends from here.
My sister worked as "umbrella girl" on the grid, not me lol (or maybe not yet ahaha) so I drove some cars on this circuit, I know every corner as my pockets since I was a child.

"We declare that the splendor of the world has been enriched by a new beauty: the beauty of speed. A racing automobile with its bonnet adorned with great tubes like serpents with explosive breath ... a roaring motor car which seems to run on machine-gun fire, is more beautiful than the Victory of Samothrace.
We want to sing the man at the wheel, the ideal axis of which crosses the earth, itself hurled along its orbit."

(Milan Futurism)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Button still speeding, Vettel overrated

BUDAPEST - At his 200th Grand Prix, Jenson Button won the Hugarian race, a bit wet as his first win in Formula 1, Hungary 2006.
I had told you: sack Lewis Hamilton. The only great driver is Button, all the others were driving more on the grass as lawnmowers... You can see the great driver when the conditions are difficult (not a case that Senna was great under the rain), and this season Button also won an impossible Canada GP. Today's mixed conditions are even worse. And his strategies are always different and perfect.
As I said time ago, Vettel is so overrated... now you can see he was always winning thanks to the car.
I was happy that Lewis won last week in Germany, but as usual he has no fair play and got a "drivethrough" penalty when he could win and it would have been a double for McLaren.
Now one month of holidays for the drivers.
- 40 days to Monza, can't wait.

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